Monday, 5 March 2012

Plenty of don’t and not enough do.

I went swimming with my daughter (nearly 4) this week.

I bobbed around the pool encouraged her to enjoy the water. This way she would build her confidence and eventually we could work on the basics of swimming.

But I’m in no rush as learning is easier when you’re having fun and you seek to enjoy it.

Painfully, ironically and upsetting though that I counted no less than 17 signs around the pool telling me what I couldn’t and shouldn’t do... run, jump, dive, splash, climb, shout, stand, slide etc.

In fact there was a great deal of attention paid to what I couldn’t do and nothing at all telling me what I could do or how to enjoy myself.

Such a shame as I learned to swim and grow my confidence BECAUSE I could run, jump, dive, splash, climb, shout, stand and slide. It were these building blocks that enabled me to grow confidence, body awareness and skill.

Perhaps if we all concentrate on the outcome and not the process, we’d all do things better and we wouldn’t need all that signage to stop us doing the things others can’t cope with.

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