Friday, 28 October 2011

voice text messages - I.Q. B4 I.T.

So there’s this ability on clever phones now that allow you to speak into the phone message like “tell Joan to bring coffee to the meeting today” instead of texting it with your fingers. This apparently is brilliant.
I’m just working out that say that saves... er...two seconds in time in someone’s day.  As a percentage of time in a 8 hour working day that 2 seconds saved out of 28800 seconds.  Or 0.007% (ish).  I’m trying to work out the exact productivity opportunity that gives people.
The speed of technology in message sending can only ever go as fast as the time it takes for us to either say the message or text it.  It can’t get any faster as I can’t say what I want any faster. Are we not finding things for phones to do now? what happens if I say "send re-enforcements we're going to advance" and the message recieved is "send three and four pence, we're going to a dance" (or other such pithy anecdote). Are we not finding things for our phones to do? Has I.T. gone before I.Q.?
What I’d like to see innovative thinking into working out how to get a better quality experience when people are together with all that extra seconds or so of time.
Horrendous to think that Joan will spend the first 2 minutes of the meeting explaining to everyone over their latte how she got the message on her phone as sent by a text message from her colleague.

Me, note-pad, not i-pad.

just a thought for a friday...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

10 reasons why it's great to be me right now

I've just been given a hot cup of tea - they always taste the best.
I fitted 70% of my new bathroom in an epic battle of wits and DIY skill today - legend.
I found £5.00 in my trousers I put on to do said bathroom.
I work with my best mates.
I managed to find the missing rubber thingy that was missing off the wheel on my bike.
My daughter made me laugh outloud this week - she does that almost everyday.
My son of 5 months squealed with delight this morning when I woke him up.
Some people work in offices and send memos and emails - I get to write lists like this and not feel guilty about it.
I'm left handed. I like it when I'm reminded of that.
I can see a castle from my office window.

Now, go write your own list and feel how good it is to do so and pass the invite on...