Tuesday, 20 March 2012

what were they thinking!

I didn't write on Friday of last week as I knew I’d be in Europe this week. Something always comes up to make me think and on this occasion, the Eurostar terminal at Brussels didn't disappoint.

In need of subsistence before my travels home, I went to the ‘cafe’ area in the terminal..

Have a look at the sign:

The concept of a croissant or cake MADE of coffee beans filled both my head, mouth and stomach at exactly the same time. The thought of that much coffee in my mouth to chew was revolting. I lost both my appetite and thirst instantly.

Given all the attention to build beautiful station architecture at either end of the journey, I’m intrigued to meet the two people who made me feel sick for the three hours I endured thereafter – the guy who designed the cafe sign and the idiot of who approved it.

What were they thinking?

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