Tuesday, 28 February 2012

listen carefully, the answer is there

A short one this week.

A wise man once told me that if you listen carefully, the answer to most challenges exists in the explanation and context setting of the problem or brief.

I believe his words hold true and I still believe he be a wise old man also.

This adage I see in various literatures all the time just re-expressed in different fashions. Not necessarily the every cloud has silver lining versions but the every problem we face has in equal parts all the ingredients from which to build a solution.

There's a lovely harmony in that.

something a little larger than everyday life and something that provides me personally with faith, hope and belief that if I go in to a situation to help a client then i'll spot the things they say to me ans use them to create the solution. It's as if you make a step toward the earths rotation, it'll spin a little faster to help you.

if you listen hard enough, what you seek will make itself clear.

This week will be a good week.

Happy Birthday Kursty by the way.

(and me for Monday)



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