Thursday, 2 February 2012

100% guest Satisfaction - is that the best you can do?

Our week in Dubai is coming to an end. We’ve had countless meetings, sessions and introduction to many more fabulous people – theGeniusBox will surely do well from this.

Of course each night we have weary heads and need soft beds and hotels are a second home to me and the team. Hugely disappointing when this hotel chain (Radisson) claims across a dozen or so card props around my room that this hotel offers 100% Guest Satisfaction.

What total shit.

Satisfaction can’t be ‘owned’ by anyone other than he who experiences and chooses it. I don’t choose satisfaction as for me it’s a base expectation of everything I do. I expect to be satisfied when I drink water that it will quench my thirst. If I don’t then I drink more.

What’s equally upsetting about the hotel mission is that it can be achieved with no effort.

I am totally 100% satisfied that this hotel isn’t as good as the one across the road with the bigger rooms, the broader restaurant nenu, the more attractive hotel staff and the clientele. Totally 100% satisfied that such is the case. Well done indeed Radisson. Without any hard work you have succeed in your promise that sat at my door from the start. I choose my satisfaction, not you.

The platitude at the bottom of the Radisson also says ‘hotels that love to say yes!’... yes to what exactly. I am paying people to be at my beck and call as it’s a hotel for crying out loud. It’s like saying We’re a hotel that loves to have rooms...

Finally the ‘let’s all be green’ shower card says I should re-cycle the towel to stop the lakes and rivers being overwhelmed with detergents. There are no lakes and rivers in Dubai. I guess this card was flown in with another kit of ‘hotel in a box’ props and unpacked without care or attention.

Something supported with the ironic typo at the bottom of the card saying “every little things count”

Small matters piss me off.

If we fix the small stuff – there’s no big stuff to worry about.

100% satisfied indeed.

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