Friday, 10 February 2012

ship safe in harbour blah blah

A good week this week. Back from Dubai and time to get going on all the conversations we had whilst we were out there.

And it’s good to do things.

If in doubt, do something. Anything. You’ll learn more about getting things right if you create something and put it into the world that sitting around worrying about the finer details and the possible pitfalls.
The truth is, if people want to find fault with you and your efforts, they will. Let’s face it some folk if given a ton of diamonds would still complain as they couldn’t lift it.

So you have choice. Either sit and wait until you see that the conditions are perfect and you’re happy that all is aligned and readily meeting your standards. Or set sail with the knowledge you built the best boat you could.

There’s a different energy to each. One is that of caution and over emphasis on risk and fear of failure. The other a more ‘can do’ and ‘let’s go’...

All this of course you know. You’ve read it before in a thousand articles, or you’ve heard it as advice down the pub or from a boss, coach or mentor. I’m just re-expressing using different language or metaphors that which you know to be true.

Why then is it still the case I’m repeating myself and why is it still the case that we need to be reminded of the ‘do something’ message?

I think we’ve been living in the knowledge age for too long. There’s no question that people I meet are bright, intelligent, well read, experienced and able. Most have a point of view and most are happy... and at the same time restless, annoyed, secretly frustrated, irritated by little things (and sometimes me) and irked. Knowledge and sharing gives you all you the resources we need to make change happen but it’s the last link in the chain which still appears to be missed; that of the doing. And the doing is an action, a human action.

Now stop reading.

Go do.

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