Friday, 27 January 2012

building pictures matters

Off to Dubai tomorrow on a week tour of current and hopefully future clients where we’ll bring ‘the box’ to life and get into some exciting chats and plans for the future.

That’s the picture I take in my head.

And it’s important to build a strong picture.

Look up any basic psychology and you’ll uncover the predication that what goes on in your head has a huge bearing on your actual performance. Much like the apocryphal story of the prisoner in his cell who played his golf course twice a day in his mind until the time he was realised and as a result hit the first round with a better handicap...

Sport, we get though. Building a strong picture isn’t something we stumble upon in business. We certainly won’t get rewarded for day dreaming or wearing rose tinted specs.

But I’ve committed several thousand pounds to sustain me and the team’s trip away from home for the next week. We need to invest in meetings and presentations and sharing, growing and giving over IP in speeches and USB sticks. If I didn’t have a strong personal image of how all this unfolds what would be the point?
It’s very easy to sit and observe and make comment that at times like this I should pare back spending, save and remain prudent. Who would disagree with such advice? It’s safe after all to be negative and non-committed.
But business wont just turn up on it’s own. I agree 100% with build it they will come, but I also see the opportunity in coming to the build. An early bird to catch the worm as it were...

So yes, I’ll relax on the plane and watch a movie and perhaps enjoy a second gin and tonic, but most of the time I’ll be spinning through all the meetings in my head. Working out how I want to feel and think, looking out my own eyes at everyone in the room wanting to hear more of what we have to say and do and enjoying the moment.

If I build a big enough series of pictures it’ll become so attractive I’ll want to pay for the experience myself as if it were an amusement park.

I choose work to feel like an amusement.

Getting a deal is simply a bonus.

what's your picture of next week...

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