Tuesday, 29 May 2012

small thing : big thought

So, I jump in a cab after a meeting and I'm drawing my breath and getting ready for another.
Glancing around I see this BT add. It shows the usual innocuous business man in a suit reading some report and lots of athletic people running about over figures and data – all presumably giving the impression of speed, capacity and capability. All this of course meant to live in our subconscious and we immediately thin ‘BT’ next time we want to set up a business connection. Anyway, despite the complete and utter failure of the ad in doing any of this, the copy got my eye and it made me think on something for ages...

It reads:

As we continue to take our communications services to new levels, we are uniquely placed to help your organisation step up to the challenges of a highly competitive world.

What is a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE world? Surely things are either competitive or not. It’s not a sliding scale like height or weight.
Does ability to differentiate rest on adverbs and fine detail or should we start to differentiate on what truly matters.
In BT’s instance to the basics well and fill me with confidence before you claim you can help me do anything else. And I wasn’t going to use you in this competitive world, but now you’ve made me think its HIGHYL competitive, well okay then, that’s different...

Off to have a highly productive day.

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