Sunday, 10 June 2012

mobiles - bad for the back

Had my chiropractic appointment just before the weekend (no, this is not a lead in to a joke) and before we had the joy of adjustment, we got chatting about health in general.

Not quite the full hippy, I do believe that a healthy head = health body. It (the head) after all is the control system for everything else so chemicals, thoughts and actions for me are all intertwined. the chiropractor and I have hit it off in this meeting of health thyself minds.

Anyhow two points to think on from our chat...

count the number of people (particularly kids) hunched over their heels tapping away on mobiles - bad for the back...

AND consider the NHS. It's full of sick people right? it's not about health, it's about treating you when things have got to the stage you're broken. So let's call it the National Sick Service!

Imagine the programming across society such a name gives and how more readily we'd take care of ourselves as a result.

Got me stretching and eating veg all weekend.

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