Monday, 16 April 2012

tick tock

Hi Readers,
I’ve been away on holiday and work. Sorry for the break. It might be a make it up to you in a batch of bloggs to top you up from my absence.

So, I’m travelling through Geneva airport and I can’t help but notice all the watch adds. I credit this observation to my mate Danny. He and I have talked at length about the illogical and almost irrational way we think of watches.

Take the below. (still haven't worked out how to spin these photos)

It’s an analogue watch. It runs on cogs and gears. No matter how well machined, it’s always going to lose time as the friction in each wheel takes its toll on the mechanism as every second passes. It’s okay though as it comes with a variable inertia free sprung balance (whatever THAT does!). The watch, it would appear is the aspirational gift to express achievement and prosperity.

It would appear that we’re getting really good at measuring small amounts of time – accuracy has become quite anal. This means we’re really good at being very precise on how late we get to meetings, appointments, dates, airport departure times and basically any agreed time we should be ‘there’ and not ‘here’. Some of us with too much time on our hands spend massive amounts of money on buying time machines that work just as well functionally as a £4.99 quartz wrist watch.

So if you want to be on time – spend a few quid.

If you want to be, successful, rich and powerful – be late with a good watch.

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