Friday, 20 January 2012

Batteries, Being shit and saving the planet

So here’s something that bugged me for a while. I needed to think on why and then finally it came together. Forgive me dear reader if still my thoughts aren’t clear.


Utterly shit.

A nasty horrible invention. Think about it. Small, easy to lose, toxic, never the right size and from the moment you start using them they are essentially breaking. Every battery in use right now is running down, slowly making its way to the bin. And don’t for one moment tell me you re-charge yours. You don’t. Why are we buying them all the time if we did.

What’s made worse is I can buy a pack of 50 from a pound shop that last but days – still, however we buy...

I came across this product too. A battery charger for your phone... that runs on batteries! So more plastic, more PCB, more lead, more toxics are used in another product we don’t need. This is the poor end version of the mains powered luxury watch tuner for people with luxury self wind watches...

This is proof further that there is a growing ingenuity gap between the life we lead and the morals we espouse. That of ‘save the planet’ especially. I know we don’t have to result to candle power to protest about consumer electronics (I’m using earth’s resources right now writing this). I know too we don’t have to result to bartering if I want to protest about capitalism in St. Pauls Cathedral square... BUT... taking a stance is fashionable not sustainable. Don’t give me you care for the planet. What matters to you is your t.v. works and you’ve enough batteries to keep your phone charged.

Batteries are shit.

So is our ingenuity.

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