Monday, 2 September 2013

Accidental Genius - the best kind

how much would you pay for a plastic desk fan?

£5, £10, £15? tops right.

It's plastic.
it's going to be shitty and hardly last a lifetime.

Take note of this genius at my local Post Office.

We'd all like the idea of a steel art deco esq desk fan, no.  It building nostalgic-film-noir-Agatha Christie-esq images in our minds; oh how our commercial and personal affairs would be lifted by owning such a steel masterpiece...  but not at £42!

now £32 for the ghastly plastic land-fill fan doesn't seem a bad offer does it? a reluctant purchase perhaps but utter genius profitability for the Post Office owner. 

nice one.

Have a good Monday - I opened the window. Free breeze.


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