Friday, 19 October 2012

STOP using Apple as an example of innovation - BORING!!!!!!!

Can we STOP using Apple, Steve Jobs or Google as examples of great business and leaders and think of something more original please.

I have lost count of the number of times those companies and that individual has been cited in presentations.
It’s now got to the point that if unfortunately someone is presenting to me and one of the two subjects I’ve just mentioned come up, I tend to just drift off and think about something else.
Especially when people quote SJ or his philosophy – like they met at a dinner party once...
If I were interviewing folk for a job and asked them to give examples of creative companies or innovative products and they mentioned Apple or an ipod, I wouldn’t give them a job. I’d show them the door.
Citing Apple shows:
Lack of imagination and research on your part. Has there been nothing in the last few decades that isn’t as astonishing, clever, brutal, brilliant, or elegant as that company?
Laziness. No-one’s going to disagree with your point of view as you’ve plenty of advocates to support your observations and opinion. In fact some witty journalist has done all the hard work for you, all you need do is take a screen shot and a quote and away you go.
Lack of creative thinking. If innovation is all about technical stuff – fine, there’s more to life than battery powered handhelds... if innovation is about commercial profit, think laterally people! Consider the utter genius who put ‘rinse and repeat’ on the side of a shampoo bottle and doubled sales over night without changing product, packaging, production line or distribution channels. How about the guy who took the second strike strip off the Bryant and May matchbox and reduced the cost of box production and thus increased profitability. that ain't neat?
A very limited ability to synthesise material. Say you work in plastics manufacture, pharmaceutical or logistics. You’ve a tough job right? You’ve enough on your plate to manage. Then your boss (or a latte drinking consultant in jeans – like me) turns up and says “we need to think a bit more like google around here. I’ve got some stories...” please!
Don’t try and be any other business but your own.
Do it brilliantly and love what you do and THAT will be the thing that your customers and clients love about you.
Disagree and think I’m talking bunk – good for you. Join the masses who talk a good game and focus on definitions and descriptions.
Meanwhile the team and I will continue to have ideas with our clients.
That’s what we do and there’s no pictures or posters of Steve Jobs on our wall when we do it.

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  1. Hi Andy cool vibe on your blogspot..people associate creativity with those orgs whose products rock their boat and sight the "crunchy one" all too often but it's easily done....The creativity in all of us should look for insight in areas not known for creativity to invigorate new ways of making the end user customer experience so so cool that you amaze your how good is is...."1 click"....
    What happenend to your book...William McCann Murphy...remember me Ericsson...
    Have a top day