Friday, 18 November 2011

Stephanie Ferry

My daugther had a 'show and tell' at the nursery.  the theme was jazz and jazz music. Not having a saxaphone hanging on the wall, I simply flicked off a CD from the shelf.  Somewhere in the collection are some Jazz albums I thought.  Let's face it we all own a few discs we picked up on the way home from the garage for a few quid.  In this instance Stephane Grappelli came to hand.  Check him out if you're not an aficionado

This all came as a bit of a shock to my daughter and she rebranded him as Stephanie Ferry.  Which kind of works. I love not only the intepretation of how three year olds percieve and describe this complicated world, but also I like how her rebrand immediately cut through the crap and went to the heart of the matter.

Stephanie Ferry would be a geat name for a band.
Everyone knows what a Ferry is and does.
Stephanie introduces an element of glamour.

I'm working thorugh all my material right now with the eyes of a three year old and working out what she'd say about it all.  Might be I arrive somewhere new without too much effort.

got to like that.

now, you go do the same and ask a three year old to look at your challenges...

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