Saturday, 15 October 2011

10 reasons why it's great to be me right now

I've just been given a hot cup of tea - they always taste the best.
I fitted 70% of my new bathroom in an epic battle of wits and DIY skill today - legend.
I found £5.00 in my trousers I put on to do said bathroom.
I work with my best mates.
I managed to find the missing rubber thingy that was missing off the wheel on my bike.
My daughter made me laugh outloud this week - she does that almost everyday.
My son of 5 months squealed with delight this morning when I woke him up.
Some people work in offices and send memos and emails - I get to write lists like this and not feel guilty about it.
I'm left handed. I like it when I'm reminded of that.
I can see a castle from my office window.

Now, go write your own list and feel how good it is to do so and pass the invite on...


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