Tuesday, 6 September 2011

1 of 3 to make up for lost time.

Been off-line for three weeks as I moved house and got 'cut-off' for a period of time.

Apprently this is no excuse as like many people, I've a clever phone and I could type a blogg entry on it, but to be honest...

  • I wasn't patient enough
  • I've not downloaded the apps to do so (something to do with a password that just bored me after trying for at least an hour)
  • I decided to re-frame life and make a holiday

so I'm back with three shorts to make up for lost weeks.

the first observation I have is to do with time and our relationship with it.  I got a train yesterday with moments to spare.  My rule is never run for a train as there is always another.  I don't see my life being that important that I need to rush about that often.  I was very pleased to then get on the 13:53 at 13:55 and we left at 13:56.  the train was late (by a moment) and I boarded it after it had left (in theory).  Had it been on time I would have had to have waited another half hour.

I wondered what sort of state i'd be in had that happened and how different life would be had the 'sliding doors' scenario unfolded...

Made me think about patience and time and all things in our day.  It's odd how we complain abnout lour laptop start up times taking too long yet we sit infront of them for 8 hours a day.  I remember loading a computer game from a cassette and that took up to 5minutes at a go. I used to get so cross and feel at the mercy of wasted time but think nothing of spending the rest of the afternoon defending the galaxy.

This has all been said before perhaps but time is relative. We decide how to waste it or make use of it.

Best I get on with something else now i've written this...

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