Monday, 2 May 2011

Shy feels like a crocodile

Weekly Reid is back.

Due to high demand (well a few of my mates) the Weekly Reid is back. This used to be a once-a-week-email to people with whom I worked, but now, my musings are off to the world so sit back and enjoy and once a week (probably a Friday) i'll offer up some more perspectives of life as I see it.

Turns out it's been quite a day.

May daugther refused to say 'sorry' to Mum having accidentally hit her in the face with one of those bead/wire toys.  This sounds all middle class and dramatic but at the age of 2 and a bit, it's important my daughter knows the impact of her actions; getting to know the power of the word sorry is no bad thing.

Anyhow, she went all shy and coy and distracted herself and me with other toys.  Eventually I asked what was wrong and why she wasn't saying sorry.  She said she felt shy.  on asking how she knew she was shy she said she knew because she felt it and that 'Shy feels like a crocodile'.

I guess there is a great deal of attention to the what we are doing at work and not enough 'how' we are doing.  It's easy for us adults to get focussed on the detail they think that matters and of course a job at hand that we all share on email and power point, memo and meeting is easy to keep track of as it's physical.  It exists in discussions and printouts and we can pick up from where we left off.

Feelings though move quicker.  Sometimes fleeting. Sometimes long term attachment. When experienced though, still powerful.

My daugther felt shy and for her that was like a crocodile. 

I have an early start tomorrow. I've spent all day getting the what ready. Although i'll dress snappy, there's no need to act snappy as those around me dont feel the world the same way I do.


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