Friday, 11 October 2013

car design : no innovation.

Here's and aesthetic ponder for you.
What colour is your car and why did you choose that colour?
Black?, silver?, gun metal grey?, a washed out metallic green? In shot BORING COLOURS. Why.
Go to a B+Q or a Wickes and you can get 2000 colours+ for the inside of your home. In fact with a colour match technology it’s possible to mix almost any shade form the three primary colours right?
Why then are car designers short on palettes. Are they exhausted from the years of development in getting the lines of the outside ‘just so’. Most cars are now (dare I say it) the same.  They’ve all got the same spec. and performance and equally as forgettable in shape as the next – unless you experiment.
But that’s the challenge – how can you experiment and express your personal style and brand when the choice is poor in style and colour? Surely the insight people at 'cars inc.' are aware that almost every other part of our material lives is open to personalisation... phones, fabrics, clothing, holiday choice, home décor, food, lifestyle, reading choices. it's all up for grabs.
Unless you want to buy a car.
any colour and shape you want as long as it's a shade of crappy grey or black and looks like a BMW.
I also heard how it might cut car crime. Consider this…
“and the getaway car madam?”
“looked like a saloon. Black I think, but it was dark…”
“and the getaway car madam?”
“oh, long, 6 wheels, mint green with dots…”

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