Monday, 24 June 2013

Keep Clam and... PISS OFF.

I thought it was a passing summer fashion from a few years back, but no the ‘keep calm and carry on” thing is STILL going.

If this has been written about already and I'm last to mention anything then I've been avoiding it until I was sure I wasn't just feeling isolated and missing out on the 'fun'.
the cards were one thing... but I’ve noticed a new generation of messages turning into kitchen or hall hanging signage. These appear to have clichés such as “a cheerful house is a happy home”, or “a smile costs nothing” along with other references to dancing, wine, coffee and conversation.  Lots of middle class crap.

I’m saddened and embarrassed for us as:

You’re paying upwards of £20.00+ for something sprayed onto wood and brass chains. This is just shitty landfill assembled by children in china to hang on your fridge.

You could type out or at worst write out by hand on paper the sentiment.

But the worst and more saddening aspect is the belief that this shitty coloured trite makes us feel any better. Like we need to spend MORE on thinking and feeling what a good loving home takes for granted. Why we need to remind ourselves of it is one thing, but to have our family values and home north stars based on varieties of wine, dance moves and coffee conversation is just wrong. Any good intentioned sentiment is lost in the material acquisition of buying the bloody statement in the first place. Shame on you for doing so in John Lewis too.

I’ll choose my own emotions thank you  and I don’t need a poncy lavender board to tell me to do so.


Keep calm.

Piss off.



  1. Just attended the Indiana State Fair this past weekend and the 'Keep Calm and _________' shirts were everywhere - made me think of this post. This is good news for you, since if a trend has been embraced by in the Midwest US (my people, BTW), it surely will be dropped by the more fashionable people across the pond, no?

  2. Hi.

    thanks for the note guys.
    happy to find a taste of our banter is on your side of the Atlantic. With that come my apologies and sympathy for the mugs, t-shirts, bed spreads and mouse mats needlessly printed with the same shit.
    for the fashionistas elsewhere in the UK, I hold my breath on the next trend... baking seems popular at present.

    cake anyone?

    x (thanks for the follow)