Monday, 20 August 2012

There is no such thing as an emergency phone call.

There is no such thing as an emergency phone call

People’s reactions and loss of context is the most dangerous form of corporate rot. Leaving the room “for an emergency” is just rude. If your sponsor says “we cannot legislate for emergencies” it's giving permission for rudeness to happen.

What they're actually saying is the senior development of emerging talent and the back office design and delivery programmes around them (you and your team) and facilitators (like you) in the room, peers and colleagues isn’t and aren’t important and will always come second to the money.

Having people ‘take an emergency call’ and step outside destroys your businesses values instantly because the ‘commercial card’ becomes trump. If that's the single filter that trumps all decisions - dont have values.

When calls come in, participants have a brilliant opportunity to grow through making a choice.

Put another way – every time they leave the room to take an emergency call on cost saving, they've wasted all the L+D budget spent on them being in that room in an instant.

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